How to export your data from WhatsApp

With WhatsApp trying to merge your data with Facebook, now is the right time to pull the plug and delete your WhatsApp account.

But if you are like billion of users, you might have tons of memories and conversations you wish keep before deleting everything.

How to export your data from WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn't allow to easily export all your chats at once but it's possible to export them one by one fairly easily.

First, open the chat you want to save and click on the chat name at the very top:

You will be in your chat settings, at the very bottom of this menu, you will see a "Export Chat" button:

If you wish to save your photos and videos as well, select "Attach Media"

After processing your data, you will have to choose where to save your data.

This is about personal preferences but we strongly recommend to not use email or platform you don't trust.

WhatsApp data when exported are no longer protected by encryption, so anybody with access to this file will be able to see all your chats.

If you can, try to transfer via bluetooth or local network solutions.

As a last resort, we know it's not ideal but the best compromise between ease and safety of your data is to store it on Google Drive.

Read your data

Directly from the files

You can read your data directly by opening the file _chat.txt and should look like something like this:

[05/04/2019 08:06:23] Me: Hello!
[05/04/2019 08:20:40] Friend: Hello, how are you?
[05/04/2019 08:21:43] Me: <attached: photo.png>

Using our explorer

If you need something more visual, we created a special app to ease going through your WhatsApp chat history.


This tool is open-source and free and will stay that way. We don't and will never store any data from you with our explorer app or on No More WhatsApp in general.

No More WhatsApp Explorer

Need some help to export your data?

Send me a tweet or a DM @hyiuen and I would be happy to help.