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Update (Jan 16, 2021)

WhatsApp is moving back the date on which people will be asked to review and accept the terms.

You have until 15th of May 2021 instead of 8th of Febuary.

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On the 8th of Febuary 2021 15th of May 2021, Facebook reserve the right to close your WhatsApp account if you fail to accept their new privacy policy update.

Don't forget to export your data!

If you plan on leaving WhatsApp because of the new terms and privacy policy, don't forget that it's possible to export your data out of WhatsApp.

Learn how to export your data now.

Read your data

After export, you can pretty easily read your data by opening _chat.txt file.

If you need something more visual, we created a special app to easily go through your exported WhatsApp data.


This tool is open-source and free and will stay that way. We don't and will never store any data from you with our explorer app or on No More WhatsApp in general.

No More WhatsApp Explorer

Alternative that respect your privacy

Keep in mind we have no affiliation with the alternative below.

1. Signal

Open source and created with privacy in mind. It's the one of the most secure messaging app you can find as it stores no personal data and is endorced by giant in the privacy space like Edward Snowden.

Download Signal

2. Wire

One main advantage Wire has over Signal is the fact that it's based in EU and is protected by European Law compare to Signal which is based in the US. Besides of that, the features and level of privacy are relatively similar.

Download Wire

3. Telegram

Telegram is encrypted end-to-end and offers a cloud-based solution which means your data are store on a server unlike Wire and Signal, it allows to have easier synchronisation across multiple device.

Download Telegram

4. Any application not owned by Facebook

Not that anybody trusted Facebook with our data before that privacy policy update.

But if your goal is to have any privacy online, you should not use any Facebook product. Period.

No More WhatsApp is non-commercial, open-source project and aim to inform.

Inspired by No More Google by Pieter Levels